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Kinesio Taping

How can therapeutic taping help?

Therapeutic taping can be utilized:

  • Decrease healing time
  • Reduce swelling
  • Decrease pain
  • Support sore muscles
  • Protect and support injured joints
  • Protect and stabilize injured ligaments and tendons
  • Provide postural cuing
  • Improve muscle performance
  • Improve body awareness

Different types of tape

We use 3 kinds of tape to help heal injuries:

Kinesiotape is perfect for reducing swelling, supporting muscles, and helping with muscle contraction while an injury heals. It can be used on nearly any injury from Plantar Fasciitis to Neck Pain. Kinesiotape is a cotton tape that is breathable, hypoallergenic, and it can stretch to up to 140% its original length so it can move with you. It can be worn for up to 3 days at a time and is water resistant so you can swim and shower with it

Leukotape works well to support injured joints, tendons, and ligaments. It can help stabilize a joint after an injury, or improve normal movement in the case of kneecap pain or a shoulder injury. Leukotape is a rayon-backed adhesive tape that has an extremely strong zinc oxide adhesive. It is very rigid and will not give with movement, even when you sweat. It can be used directly on your skin or can go over a protective cloth tape.

Athletic Tape is used in combination with the above tapes to add support to kinesiotape, or to prevent the tape from being too rigid with leukotape.


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